Alan Axelrod

Alan Axelrod has over 25 years’ experience as a Manager of Information Systems, Systems Administrator, Help Desk Management and field service technician manager. His experience has led him to work with bio-tech firms, law offices, cardiac care facilities and a number of IT Consulting companies. It has also led to many relationships with different vendors of IT services, including VOIP, server and workstation hardware, firewall, switch and router vendors and a multitude of others. Alan used his experience to start his own company in 1992, Ferrod Associates, where he further developed his IT experiences, including setup and management of Exchange mail systems, SonicWALL Firewalls (where he also received certification from Dell,) and the networks to support them.
Through his experience, he has developed the ability to take a holistic, birds-eye approach to management of IT services, both on premises and now in the cloud and based on analysis of a customer’s needs, develops workflows to ensure a proper delivery of IT services. This includes leveraging his vendor relationships to obtain the most aggressive pricing of hardware and software possible. Furthermore, he works with customers and incorporates strategic planning to ensure that the customers software and IT usage is as efficient as possible.

Alan has degrees from CUNY and SUNY.